Employee Program on Government Regulations Coming to NC

by Molly Frederick on December 14, 2015

The National Job Creators Network is teaming up with the North Carolina Free Enterprise Foundation to launch the “Employee to Employer Program.”

Camp Bow Wow is the country’s largest pet care franchise. Its CEO, Heidi Ganahl, was in North Carolina this week talking about the obstacles businesses have to overcome when it comes to regulations handed down by the government.

Mainly around zoning, and the regulation that affects how many people are in our play yards with the dogs actually, believe it or not,” says Ganahl.

Ganahl is part of the national Job Creators Network, a non-partisan organization helping businesses educate their employees about government policies. Through the Employer to Employee program, the goal is make sure everyone involved in a business understands rules and regulations and what they mean for a company.

Click to read the full article at TWC News.

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