Speaking to TheBlaze by phone Tuesday afternoon, Ganahl’s positivity and bubbly personality was nearly tangible. Despite the hardships she’s faced in her life over the past two decades, Ganahl said she’s ready for another challenge — taking part of an entity that contributes billions of dollars to Colorado’s economy.


“They call it ‘the most important position you’ve never heard of in Colorado… We’re one of four states that elect our regents so we have to actually run a campaign, and it’s a political process rather than being appointed by the governor.

My number one key platform is free speech and protecting free speech. I think safe zones are funk. We need to keep universities very spicy and open to debate, and kids should be able to hear both sides of a story and make their own decisions about what they think is right. They shouldn’t be protected or kept safe from opinions that might hurt their feelings or that are hard. We’ve got to have a really open, honest discussion in this country about lots of different issues.”