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Click to watch The Art of the Comeback by Heidi Ganahl at TEDxMileHigh

The Art of the Comeback | Heidi Ganahl | TEDxMileHigh

Heidi’s landmark keynote is her TEDx talk, “The Art of the Comeback”, but she also speaks on the following topics:

As the founder of the non-profit online community Moms Fight Back, Heidi also speaks on the following topics and issues:

  • “We Can Do Better Together”  Discussing what we can do as moms, and how we can begin working together as moms to make the world a happier, healthier, safer place for our children.
  • “So You Want To Make a Difference?”  On understanding the legislative process, lobbying and running for office or supporting candidates that support issues important to moms.
  • Keeping Our Kids Safe in School Looking at what’s going on in our kids schools and finding ways to create positive change for our children and our communities when it comes to Bullying, General School Safety, Mental Health, and Internet Safety.
  • Supermom, Supermess… The Keys to Balancing Family, Career and Giving Back   A look at what it takes to save the world, keep your family happy and have a great career.
  • Why Moms Should Care About Politics  Why America’s founding principles (and our politicians’ views on them) are critical to keeping our families safe, happy and healthy.